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Enjoy a Clean Home and a Well-Balanced Family Life

Our Residential Cleaning Services

** We Do NOT do same day cleanings**

Heavenly House Cleaners believes that your cleaning needs are as unique as yours. We are a well-established company that prides itself on providing customized, caring, and professional residential cleaning services.

Think of us as your personal assistant and tell us what and how you would like us to accommodate you. We will then assign an enthusiastic team to:

  • Undertake an initial visit to your house
  • Identify the areas that could benefit from some extra cleaning input
  • Follow a personalized task or assist you with a special chore
  • Ensure a clean, tidy home for you

Our team will conduct house cleaning regularly so that they can become even more familiar with your home and preferences. We will follow up with you weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly (your choice) to guarantee that all of your needs are being met and exceeded. We can also offer suggestions and provide further information on what your house might need!

We are not your typical maid service—we will not be happy until you are happy and comfortable. We serve in Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.

Daily Housekeeping

Aside from taking care of the household, parents need to work to sustain their families. Do not let the chore of daily cleaning get in the way of balancing your family life. Let us help you keep your time organized and free for what matters the most. One of our personal assistants will come to your house daily and tidy it up by:

  • Loading Dishes in the Dishwasher
  • Cleaning and Wiping Counters
  • Making Beds
  • Wiping Down Vanities in the Bathrooms
  • Picking Up Toys and Clothes
  • Taking Out the Trash
  • Dusting, Vacuuming, and Mopping 

With our daily cleaning services, you can enjoy a “stress-free day” every day!


Move-In, Move-Out, and Real Estate Cleaning Services

We also provide cleaning services before and after moving in or out, or both. For real estate agents, this is the perfect cleaning service in the field of property management. Consider a move-in cleaning service before your next tenant moves into your rental or lease property for a wonderful first impression!

Trusted Professionals

Access keys are safely kept and only distributed when necessary. Your privacy and trust are important to us. Our uniform staff is easily identifiable when providing services.


Our competitive prices mean that your home is in the right hands. Suiting even the tightest budgets, our customizable cleaning services allow you and your family to be flexible. Call us to find out how we can cross cleaning off your to-do list without breaking the budget.

Convenient Monthly Billing

Do not worry about forgetting to leave your payment for our services. We offer monthly billing via email for an easy and convenient payment reminder.

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